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Frozen In Time: The Cyprus Buffer Zone - In Focus - The Atlantic

Cars from 1974 sit abandoned in an underground garage in UN buffer zone in Nicosia on March 12, 2014. Some of the cars, idle for four decades, have only 32 miles (52 km) on the odometer. (Reuters/Neil Hall)
Smithsonian Magazine’s 2013 Photo Contest - In Focus - The Atlantic

Finalist, Americana category. Dust swirls around citizens of Black Rock City as they peek into the “Black Rock Bijou Theatre,” an art installation at the 2013 Burning Man festival. Photographed by Mark Kaplan of Carrollton, Texas. (© Smithsonian.com)

Jeff Wall, 1978

De Clérambault, Le Costume Drapé: Technique du pli sur l’épaule, 1918-19

(by ana roussel)

SEX-THEATER 1972 – 1979. André Gelpke 
世界中歩いて印象的だったのは、「だらしなく歩くと繁華街に通じる」(中略)逆に、意志的に歩くと宗教施設とか聖なる場所にたどり着く。(中谷礼仁) 「住宅都市整理公団」別棟 : どうかみなさん「炎上」恐れずフィールドワークを!~『東京人』 2014年 05月号がすばらしい~ (via kanal)

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